Happy Hour

3-6pm, 7 Days a Week

Something Small

loaded fries

– cheese sauce & crispy bacon
– chilli cheese w chipotle mayo, mozzarella cheese, chorizo crumb

choose your fries
– beer battered potato chips
– potato gems
– wedges

mac & cheese bites (5 pcs) (v)

herb salt, truffle cheese sauce, parmesan

popcorn chicken

buttermilk fried chicken bites, lifestyle sauce

tempura broccoli (v) (vg available)

gochujang & maple glaze, parmesan & sesame

chicken wings (6 pcs)

baby rays bbq sauce OR franks hot sauce w/ ranch

garlic & cheese pizza

wood fired pizza w mozzarella cheese, garlic, parmesan, parsley




Switch Lager (Brunswick, VIC)


Switch Lager (Brunswick, VIC)


choose between
– Heineken
– Corona
– Great Northern Super Crisp


– Hardy’s Riddle Shiraz Cabernet
– Hardy’s Riddle Chardonnay
– Hardy’s Riddle Sauvignon Blanc
– Hardy’s Riddle Brut Reserve



3-6pm, 7 Days a Week

Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon VOK, Beenleigh White Rum, Lime, Mint Leaves, soda


Crème de Menthe VOK, White Creme de VOK, Cacao, Fresh cream

Kiwi Melon Smash

Melon VOK, Vodka, Lemon Juice, Kiwifruit

Purple Moon

Parfait Amour VOK, Vickers Gin

Blue Lady

Blue Curacao VOK, Vickers Gin, Lemon juice, Apple Juice

Leapin’ Lychee

Lychee VOK, Watermelon VOK, vodka, Lemon Juice

Fruit Tingle

Blue Curacao VOK, Vodka, Raspberry Cordial, Lemonade

Rose Cosmo

Triple Sec VOK, Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, Orange Zest

Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon VOK, Triple Sec VOK, Tequila, Lime Juice

Passion Old Fashioned

Passionfruit VOK, Hybrid Whiskey, Bitters

Please note, a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays | 1 bill per table | Prices inc. GST

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