by the glass / king kong (serves 4)

Spank my strawberry
$18 / $59

pineapple vodka, malibu, rubis strawberry, sugar syrup, strawberries, pineapple, fairy floss

Hubba bubba #switchOG
$18 / $59

vodka, lena banana, lemon sorbet, raspberry, lemon squash, blue heaven, fairy floss

Ribena lychee spritz
$16 / $56

soho lychee, vodka, ribena, sparkling, lemonade

Voodoo child
$19 / $60

blue curacao, absolut peach, mango juice, lemon sorbet, grenadine injector, rainbow sour straps

Off with the ferries
$17 / $58

midori, peach schnapps, lemon sorbet, lemon juice, fresh lime, grenadine, rainbow sour straps

Zooper dooper
$18 / $59

blue curacao, rubis strawberry, red bull, lemon sorbet, grenadine, zooper dooper

Sour puss #switchOG
$18 / $59

limoncello, midori, hypnotiq, lemon sorbet, lemon juice, fresh lime, grenadine, rainbow sour straps

Seaside sex #switchOG
$17 / $58

midori, soho lychee, rubis strawberry, pineapple juice, guava juice

Purple haze
$17 / $56

grapefruit vodka, limoncello, dry gin ink, lemon sorbet, lemon juice, sour straps, fairy floss

Boosey kittie #switchOG
$18 / $59

mozart, vanilla vodka, kahlua, ice cream, kit kat, smashed oero, chocolate floss

Porn star martini
$17 / $58

solerno blood orange liqueur, gin, rose syrup, lemon juice, egg white

Son of a beach #switchOG
$18 / $59

banana vodka, bacardi, malibu, sugar syrup, lemon sorbet, grenadine, desiccated coconut, fresh strawberry

Long island
$19 / $69

vodka gin, bacardi, tequila, cointreau, fresh lemon, fresh lime, cola

Aperol spritz
$16 / $56

aperol, sparkling, orange, soda

Pimms cup
$16 / $56

pimms, organe, strawberries, mint, lemonade, dry

Espresso Martini
$17 / $58

kahula, absolut vodka, spiced rum, espresso

$17 / $58

white rum, fresh lime, brown sugar, mint, soda

Killer Kong (serves 4 or more)

vodka, blue curacao, lemon sorbet, red bull, ice, wizz fizz, mint sherbet cones, rainbow sour straps, fairy floss, 100s and 1000s, zooper dooper


Water buoy
$12 / $32

watermelon juice, edible flower, fresh lime, lemon sorbet, rainbow straps

Naken in Tahiti
$12 / $32

fresh lime, sugar syrup, honey, mango nectar, guava nectar, passionfruit pulp, espresso, edible flower

High school dropout
$12 / $32

passionfruit, mango juice, lemon sorbet, vanilla, cream float, meringue

Dark assasin
$12 / $32

fresh blueberries, lemon sorbet, brown sugar, fresh mint, apple juice

Designated driver
$12 / $32

fresh cucumber, fresh lime, mango nectar, sugar syrup, fresh mint, ginger beer

Please note, a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays


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