noisette’s sourdough OR seven grain sourdough w/ butter & your choice of spread from below:

strawberry | raspberry | peanut butter | nutella | vegimite | honey


Vegan granola

rolled oats, puffed quinoa, mixed seeds & nuts roasted w/ maple, blueberry coconut yogurt, strawberries, raspberries, freeze dried mandarin served w/ your choice of milk:

full cream | lite | almond | coconut | lactose free | bonsoy soy milk


Nutella doughnut waffles

nutella mascarpone, brulee’d banana, hazelnut praline, toasted marshmallow, freeze dried raspberry



2 eggs any way

poached, fried or scrambled free range eggs w/ your choice of nosiette white sourdough

seven grain | pumpkin loaf | gluten free | turkish bread

+ add cabon $5, + add hash brown (2pcs) $3

Happy little smashed avo

nosiette seven grain sourdough, smashed avocado, whipped meredith goat’s feta, heirloom tomatoes, vegimite salt, lemon, toasted pepita seeds

+ add poached egg $3


Huff and puff benedict

slow roasted pulled pork, bourbon bacon jam, chorizo crumb, hollandaise, poached eggs, sourdough

+ add hash browns (2pcs) $3


Superfood toastie

broccoli, kale, zucchini, noisette seven grain sourdough, jalapeno & onion jam, smashed avocado, buffalo mozzarella, poached egg, crispy kale, pumpink seeds

(V) (VG Option Available)

Chicken & waffles

Switch southern fried chicken, 11 herbs & spices, house made donut waffles, gochujan maple, crispy bacon, fried free range egg, chili mayo, chorizo crumb


Chilli cheese scrambled eggs

Noisette seven grain sourdough, chilli scrambled eggs, aged cheddar, angel hair chilli, cherry tomatoes, tomato salt, parmesan

+ add bacon $5


Truffle shuffle

mushrooms, kale, roasted hazelnuts, yarra valley persian feta, truffle oil, poached egg, parmesan, burnt onion emulsion, pumpkin sourdough

+ add hash browns (2pcs) $3


Kevin Bacon

Crispy bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs, bourbon bacon jam, chipotle mayo, waffle fries, parmesan, brioche bun

+ add hash browns (2pcs) $3


Breakfast salad

beetroot hummus, whipped feta, roasted pumpkin, spinach, kale, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, balsamic, soft poached free range egg, puffed quinoa

Lifestyle brekkie

free range eggs cooked any way, bacon, field mushrooms, smashed avo, vine tomatoes, hash browns, toasted sourdough



+ gluten free bread $3

+ muchrooms, roasted tomates, hash browns (2pcs) hollondaise, free range eggs any way (2) feta $3

+ bacon, slow cooked pork, chorizo, smashed avo, southern fried chicken $5

+ salmon sashimi $7

Kids Breakfast


w/ blueberry coconut yogurt & milk

Eggs any way

w/ toast


Nutella waffle sanga

w/ fresh strawberry, nutella toasted marshmallow


Ham, Cheese & Tomato toastie

w/ smocked ham, tasty cheese, tomato on sourdough


Breakkie slider

brioche mini bun, crispy bacon, scrubbed egg, cheese, served w/ hash browns


Waffle & ice cream

house made donut waffle, vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, maple syrup


Juices & Coffee


From the bottle

Pineapple. mango, guava, cranberry, tomatoe

mix your own fresh

orange, watermelon, apple

Mix it with add 1

beetroot, cucumber, mint, lemon, celery, ginger, carrot

Super Juices

Green fields

kale, apple, mint, celery, spinach, cucumber, pinapple

Just beat it

watermelon, apple, beetroot, carrot

Kick ass

orange, pineapple, passionfruit, ginger


fresh blueberries, dragon fruit, acai, banana, chia, guava nectar, granola crunch

Fruit Smoothies

Your choise

fresh yogurt, milk, ice cream & your choice of fresh fruit from below:

strawberries | mango | banana | blueberries


Long Coffees

latte, cappuccino, flat white, long black, long macchiato, mocha, magic

Short coffees

short black, short macchiato, piccolo


black coffee w/ vanilla ice cream


coffee (w/ cream & ice cream). chai, chocolate, mocha, latte

Hot chocolate w/ marshmallows

milk chocolate, peppermint or white chocolate


spiced or vanilla

dirty (w/ coffee) = $6

wet. loose leaf w/ chai w/ bonsoy = $7.5

Please note, a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays

(vg) vegan (v) vegetarian (gf) gluten free (p) pork

ALLERGENS: We care about your dietary needs. Please notify staff of any allergies. Mmany of our products contains peanuts, soy, sesame, tree nuts, dairy, shellfish & or wheat. Please be aware that although we take precautions to prevent cross contamination, we can not guarantee 100% that cross contamination will not occur as our products are prepared & handled on site.

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