garlic cheese bread $8.5

cajun salt & pepper calamari $15.5/23

cos lettuce, capsicum, red onion, chimichurri aioli, fresh lemon

bread dips & olives (v) $18

egyptian beetroot dip, hummus, marinated olives, house baked flat bread from the wood fired oven w sea salt, fresh herbs & garlic

karaage chicken $14.5

japanese fried crispy chicken thigh, sesame mayo, kecap manis, fresh lime

spiced cauliflower tacos (VG) $16

apple cider & southern spiced cauliflower, avocado, slaw, salsa, coriander, fresh lime, soft shell tacos

nachos (gf) $19

corn chips, mexican cheese mix, chilli beef con carne, sour cream, house made guacamole, jalapeños

polenta chips (V) (GF) $12.5

spiced mediterranean capsicum cream sauce

crispy chicken bao $17

indonesian marinated crispy chicken, cucumber, lettuce, coriander, sriracha mayo, hoisin, fresh chilli, steamed bao

beer battered chips (v) $9

w/ sweet chilli mayo

cajun potato wedges $15

sweet chilli & sour cream


samuri chicken sandwich $25

karaage japanese fried chicken thigh, asian slaw, coriander, kewpie mayo, sriracha

american muscle $27

double beef, double american cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, lifestyle sauce, beer battered onion rings

rockin’ moroccan chicken $25

moroccan spiced char grilled chicken, swiss cheese bacon, red onion, lettuce, mango relish, roasted garlic lemon mayo

vegetarian $24

veggie pattie, swiss cheese, free range fried egg, roquette, eqyiptian beetroot dip, pumpkin mayo, caramelised onion, sweet potato crisps

+ add ons

beef with cheese, karaage japanese fried chicken thigh, moroccan spiced char grilled chicken, bacon, fried free range egg, beer battered onion rings, gluten free bun


smoked chorizo & panchetta gnocchi (p) $28

smoked chorizo, pancetta, red onion, chilli, garlic, olive oil, napoli, goats cheese, fresh basil, house made potato gnocchi

oven roasted chicken breast (P) (GF) $33

celeriac puree, glazed baby beets, brussel spouts, bacon, shallots, red wine sauce, micro herbs

lamb pita $34

char grilled sliced chermoula lamb, house made pita, warm salad of potato, roquette, capsicum, red onion, israeli cous cous, compressed cumin yogurt

field mushroom & capsicum cream tagliatelle (V) $24

field mushroom, artichoke, red onion, garlic, white wine, capsicum cream, basil pesto, crumbed feta, smashed pecans, EVOO, fresh tagliatelle pasta

srilankan hot pot $28

srilankan chicken curry, pandan leaves, spices, compressed yogurt, basmati rice, switch garlic naan, mango relish

open steak sandwich (p) $32

seared eye fillet, bacon, fried free range egg, caramelised onion, tasty cheese, tomato, roquette, relish, chimichurri, toasted ciabatta, devilled potatoes

nasi goreng $29

chicken, prawn, cabbage, chilli, garlic, spring onion, house made nasi paste, crispy shallots, fried free range egg

roast chicken & mushroom rissotto (P) (GF) $27

roast chicken, field mushrooms, prosciutto, feta, garlic, onion, carnaroli rice

switch style fried rice (p) $29

japanese fried crispy chicken thigh, fried rice w bacon, egg omelette, red onion, bean shoots, spring onions, peas, corn, soy, kecap manis

pan seared barramundi fillet (GF) $35

barramundi fillet, chat potatoes, artichoke & roquette salad, mediterranean capsicum cream sauce, fresh lemon

paella (P) (GF) $29

spanish style risotto w prawns, smoked chorizo, mussels, peas, chilli, garlic, saffron

chicken parma (P) $27

chicken schnitzel, napoli, ham, mozzarella, beer battered chips, sweet potato crisps

scotch fillet steak (GF) $45

grass fed west victorian 350 gram angus scotch fillet steak, 2+ marble score w potato foam, glazed baby carrots, crispy potato, roasted peppers, red wine sauce

lifestyle platter (P) $89
(4+ ppl as a starter, 2+ PPL AS A MAIN)

cajun salt & pepper calamari, karaage chicken fried chicken thigh, chargrilled chermoula lamb, seared sesame tuna, mini nasi goreng, char grilled smoked chorizo, devilled potatoes, egyptian beetroot dip, polenta chips w capsicum cream, asian slaw, fresh lime, sesame mayo, house made pita from the wood fire oven

SALADS & bowls

taco bowl $22.5

char grilled cajun chicken, avocado, kidney beans, charred corn, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, coriander, sour cream, avocado vinaigrette, house made tortilla bowl

hawaiian tuna poke (GF) $28

seared sesame tuna, cucumber, carrot, avocado, pickled ginger, sesame seeds, brown rice, crisp nori, soy, wasabi

polenta & kale salad (V) (GF) $21

fried polenta, kale, broccolini, pistachio green olive tabouli, pomegranate, roasted pecans, goats cheese vinaigrette (add moroccan spiced char grilled chicken +5)


garlic & five cheese (V) $18

garlic base, mozzarella, tasty, goats cheese, parmesan, crumbled feta, cracked black pepper

cheese jalapeno popper (p) $18

garlic cream cheese, mozzarella, american cheddar, jalapeños, garlic chorizo crumb

margherita (V) $17

napoli, mozzarella, oregano, bocconcini, basil

hawaiian (P) $18

napoli, mozarealla, shredded ham, pineapple

pepperoni (P) $19

napoli, mozzarella, pepperoni, oregano

prosciutto & goats cheese (P) $24

garlic cheese base, green olive, prosciutto, goats cheese, almond basil pesto

roast chicken & pumpkin $24

smoked honey pumpkin base, mozzarella, pulled roast chicken, glazed shallots & baby carrots, sweet baby rays chipotle bbq sauce

calabrese 22

garlic cheese base, mozzarella, calabrese, artichoke, green olives, mediterranean capsicum cream sauce

double bacon cheeseburger (P) $24

napoli, mozzarella, ground beef, double bacon, american cheddar, pickles, lifestyle sauce

pumpkin (V) $23

napoli, bocconcini, roast pumpkin, semi dried tomato, crumbles feta, almond & basil pesto

lamb souvlaki $26

napoli, mozzarella, slow cooked shaved lamb, lettuce, tomato, crumbled feta, red onion, garlic yogurt

arabian knight (V) $19

middle eastern spiced capsicum base, mozzarella, hummus, egyptian beetroot dip, dukkah

++ gluten free base add $4

++ half / half $25



w chips

fried rice

fried rice w bacon, egg, red onion, bean shoots, spring onion, peas, corn, soy

chicken parma (P)

w chips


napoli, cream, parmesan

roast chicken & bacon risotto (P)

roast chicken, bacon, onion, garlic, carnaroli rice

mini pizzas

margherita, hawaiian, ham & cheese, double bacon cheeseburger