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collingwood draught (thunder road brewery, VIC)

$6 pot / $12 pint

pacific ale (thunder road brewery, VIC)

$6 pot / $12 pint

furphy refreshing ale (geelong, VIC)

$13 pint


SAB box 54 Golden Ale (St Andrews, vic)

$6 pot / $12 pint

schofferhofer hefeweizen (germany)

$8.5 pot / $15.5 pint

little apple cider (2 brothers brewery, VIC)

$5.5 pot / $11 pint

celebrity tap

see the specials list for our current celebrity tap


hardys the riddle (SA)


$7.5 glass / $32 bottle


sauvignon blanc
hardys the riddle (SA) 

$7.5 glass / $32 bottle

hardys the riddle (SA) 

$7.5 glass / $32 bottle

strawberry sparkling
katlenburger (germany) 

$7.5 glass / $32 bottle

sparkling brut
marquis de la tour (loire valley, france) 

$13 glass / $48 bottle

baby doll (hawkes bay, NZ)

$11 glass / $44 bottle

grant burge (barossa valley, SA)

$11 glass / $44 bottle

pinot grigio
hidden story (king valley, VIC)

$9.5 glass / $40 bottle

the stump jump (mclaren vale, SA)

$8.5 glass / $34 bottle

sauvignon blanc
monkey bay (marlborough, NZ)

$9 glass / $38 bottle

sauvignon blanc
mud house (marlborough, NZ) 

$11 glass / $44 bottle

wise guys (yarra valley, VIC)

$12 glass / $46 bottle

shiraz cabernet
hardys the riddle (SA)

$7.5 glass / $32 bottle

pinot noir
yering station little yering (yarra valley, VIC)

$13 glass / $48 bottle

pinot noir
six acres (yarra valley, VIC)

$12 glass / $46 bottle

one million cuttings (goulburn valley, VIC)

$9 glass / $38 bottle

cabernet merlot
six acres (yarra valley, VIC)

$9.5 glass / $40 bottle

cabernet sauvignon
dirty dog (yarra valley, VIC)

$9.5 glass / $40 bottle

mystic park (barossa valley, SA)

$13 glass / $48 bottle

paxton now (organic) (heathcote, SA)

$14 glass / $59 bottle

shiraz grenache touriga
three dark horses (maclaren vale, SA)

$13 / $48 bottle


espresso martini $17/50

kahlua, vanilla vodka, spiced rum, espresso

good girl gone $17/58

white rum, midori, soho lychee, mint, cucumber, lychees, lemonade, crushed ice

happy tears $16/54

gin, soho lychee, tonic, lime, lychees

true blood $18/62

wild turkey, solerno blood orange, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white, grenadine, orange

ferrero martini $17/58

frangelico, absolut vanilla, baileys, nutella, milk, cream, crushed hazelnuts, ferrero rocher
17 / 58

gives you lemons $17/58

limoncello, absolut vanilla, cointreau, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white, cream float, crumble, meringue

double standards $17/58

chambord, tequila, cranberry juice, lime, cherry, egg white

promiscuous princess $16/54

rubis strawberry, absolut vanilla, watermelon juice, grenadine, lime, egg white, 100s & 1000s

hubba bubba $16/54

vodka, lena banana, lemon sorbet, raspberry, lemon squash, blue heaven, fairy floss

sour puss $17/58

limoncello, midori, hypnotiq liqueur, lemon sorbet, lemon juice, fresh lime, grenadine, sour straps

seaside sex #switchOG $16/54

midori, soho lychee, rubis strawberry, pineapple juice, guava juice

spank my strawberry #switchOG $17/58

pineapple vodka, malibu, rubis strawberry, sweet syrup, fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple

alice in wonderland $17/58

blue curacao, bombay sapphire gin, red bull, apple sorbet, 100s & 1000s

mojito $17/58

white rum, fresh lime, brown sugar, mint, soda

cookie monster $17/58

mozart chocolate liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, baileys, chocolate ripple biscuits, vanilla ice cream, milk, cream

aperol spritz $16/54

aperol, sparkling wine, orange, soda

pimms cup $15/66

pimms, orange, strawberries, mint, lemonade, dry

long island iced tea $19/66

vodka, gin, bacardi, tequila, cointreau, fresh lemon, fresh lime, coke


freshly squeezed $7.5

orange, apple, watermelon

from the bottle $5

pineapple, cranberry, mango, guava, tomato


high school drop out $10

passionfruit, mango juice, lemon sorbet, vanilla, fresh cream float, meringue drops

water buoy $10

watermelon juice, elderflower, lime, lemon sorbet, sour straps


strawberry smoothie $8.5

fresh strawberries, yoghurt, vanilla ice cream, milk

banana smoothie $8.5

fresh banana, chocolate buttons, honey, vanilla ice cream, milk

mango smoothie $8.5

mango cheekes, yoghurt, vanilla ice cream, milk

frosty fruits frost $9.5

raspberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple juice, sorbet


milkshakes $7

chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, banana, lime, blue

chocolate ripple $8.5

salted peanut butter & caramel $8.5

snickers $8.5

cherry ripe $8.5


soft drink (post mix) $4.5

lemon lime bitters, bitters lime soda $5

chinotto, limonata, aranciata rossa $5.5